Pacita Abad: The Woman Who Painted The World

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Young Pacita's life took a turn when she found herself immersed in the bohemian spirit of sunny San Francisco. She spent her life travelling the world, spending time with marginalised communities, and drawing attention to socio-political issues through her art. 


From traversing the highlands of Papua New Guinea to visiting refugee camps in Bangladesh to experiencing the rich cultures of Southeast Asia, this book tells the inspiring story of Filipino artist Pacita Abad - the woman who painted the world.


Text by Cinnamon Art Publishing 

Illustrated by Sienny Septibella

© Text and Illustrations: Cinnamon Art Publishing

Published by Cinnamon Art Publishing, in collaboration with the Pacita Abad Art Estate


Length: 44 pages

Format: Hardback

Language: English


ISBN 978-981-18-3405-9


This book contains original illustrations. No artwork images are reproduced.