Our Story


cinnamon art stories is a boutique publisher of children's books, celebrating art and creativity. 


Our Mission

• To foster a love for reading and writing
• To encourage imagination, creativity and critical thinking
• To introduce the humanities and global issues at an early age


Influenced by her travels throughout the world growing up, our founder Laura found inner sustenance from the art she encountered, the places she experienced and the people she met. Imbued with a broader view of the world, Laura sought a way to share her experiences with younger generations. 


Our books kindle a child's imagination, encourage them to see the world in a different light and open their mind to countless new possibilities. We help children develop the associated skills of inquiry, exploration and creativity through engaging and immersive illustrations.

Children are naturally creative. It is our job to give them the freedom, materials and space to let their creativity blossom to its full potential.


Inspired by Jean Van’t Hul’s quote, our brand symbol takes the form of a stalk of a cinnamon plant, with leaf buds and blooming flowers. It represents children at different stages of early childhood.


With care, patience and support, we instil knowledge and foster the right values in children starting young. As a result, we help shape and cultivate them to grow into a tree full of potential. In return, they give back. Like cinnamon spices, full of potential and goodness, our children pass on their knowledge and values to nurture future generations.




Our Environmental Promise 

1) Design Thinking

As a design-led company, we focus on creating timeless and thoughtful products, rooted in storytelling and purpose. We implement an integrated structure across all functions from sourcing to product lifecycle and consumption. 


2) Responsible Production

We source responsibly and ethically, working with suppliers that have an existing commitment to sustainable practices. We opt for recycled materials such as FSC-certified paper and eco-friendly inks, repurpose used packaging and bubble wrap, and print in small batches to reduce overproduction. Supporting the local community and economy are important to us - we source, print and distribute domestically when possible.


3) Transitioning toward a Circular Economy

While local manufacturing technologies and resources are still developing, we are working toward using 100% recyclable gift packaging by the end of 2022, as well as expanding our distribution points. We have invested in R&D to help develop our capabilities to make a greater impact on each local community.


As a young brand, we are always looking for ways to improve our products, packaging and logistics. Drop us a message at info@cinnamonartpublishing.com for feedback and suggestions.