Our Story


cinnamon art stories is a boutique publisher of children's books, celebrating art and creativity. Through unique content, excellent design and engaging pictures, our books kindle a child’s imagination, sparks their curiosity and encourages them to see the world in a different light. 


Our Mission

• To foster a love for reading and writing
• To encourage imagination, creativity and critical thinking
• To introduce arts, culture and global issues at an early age


"The beauty of art, design and charming cities around the world have been an inspiration to my multifaceted life." 


Inspired to share her cultural experiences with younger generations in an elegant and meaningful way, founder and creative director Laura returned to Singapore in 2020 to start cinnamon art stories - her passion project.


Our books are as timeless as art and design objects — not just for their physical form but for the happy memories that they evoke. Each collection is thoughtfully curated, responsibly sourced and printed locally in small batches. 


With a cinnamon plant as our brand symbol, its leaf buds and blooming flowers represent children at different stages of childhood. The bright colours and merry smile reflect the hope we have for our little ones. Like cinnamon spices full of goodness, we shine a light on life’s endless possibilities and help children discover their potential through creative pursuits.