Louise Bourgeois: Solitude


When people seek solitude, they get to know themselves and find their inner voices. Solitude allows us the freedom from social pressure, societal judgements and familial expectations. We have a window of time to forget about the past, explore, think, reflect and seek new inspiration without distraction or influence.


Many artists spend large amounts of time by themselves and work alone in their studios. Louise Bourgeois was an artist that emphasized the importance of solitude to the creative process. It was during periodic breaks of solitude that Bourgeois was truly able to connect with her most authentic feelings which later transpired into her iconic body of work. Solitude was medicine to her anxiety. These silent retreats provided her with a sense of safety and calmness. In fact, Bourgeois consider her art as her salvation – the only way of escaping what she had experienced in her childhood.


“(…) when compared to the average population, artists are usually more comfortable with complex ideas and ambiguous feelings. For some creative people, alone time acts like a kind of mirror, bringing their experiences, memories, and goals into sharper focus. They are open and willing to delve into their own psyches in ways other people might not be.”



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