Heritage of Singapore: Kopitiam

We are thrilled to release the first title in our Heritage of Singapore collection - KopitiamIt's been our dream to start a series inspired by Singaporean culture and what other better way by retelling the story of traditional breakfast culture and coffeeshop?



For our kopitiam book, we collaborated with Killiney Kopitiam - a traditional Hainanese coffeeshop with a 103-year-old history! Our first connection with the third-generation owner, TY Woon, grew organically and we had an exciting journey brainstorming the storyline and illustrations.




Founded in 1919, Killiney Kopitiam is Singapore’s oldest Hainanese coffeeshop. Since its humble beginnings at 67 Killiney Road, the heritage brand has expanded both locally and internationally over the years. Today, the Killiney Group has over 40 outlets worldwide.

Traditionally famous for serving the quintessential Singapore breakfast through its Nanyang-style coffee/tea, half boiled eggs and kaya toast, Killiney outlets now offer an extended menu showcasing a wide variety of local delicacies including Singaporean favourites such as Curry, Laksa, Mee Siam, etc.

Beyond its brick-and-mortar stores, Killiney has also expanded into the FMCG sector to offer authentic and classic Singapore flavours under the same heritage brand. The current food merchandise portfolio includes traditional premium beverages, modern capsule pods, ready-to-cook food pastes as well as frozen and ready-to-heat food products, strongly reflecting the group’s mission to combine and provide quality food products with convenience for all to enjoy The Killiney Experience right at the comfort of everyone’s home.




Illustrated by Dorothy Go
In collaboration with Killiney Kopitiam